Thing 23a – The final project – Yikes!

Alright, I have never been so frustrated with web 2.0 until now. I had this great idea of doing a Myth/Fairytale/legend using a program called Myths and Legends Story Creator 2. It is a great story telling website. However, over the past 5 days I have had many glitches. I hoping to contact the website to discuss this issue since I am not sure I want to be sending full classes there yet. However, the premise and idea is great.

I did all my chapters of my story including frames within the chapter. I saved it multiple times. I even logged out and in since I couldn’t see the pictures I brought in until after I logged back in. However, after closing out of my browser in one instance and then going back in 4 chapters were gone. Ok, I thought the first time, perhaps it was my fault. I retyped the story since it doesn’t copy and paste from Word. I did it again saved it. Logged out. Logged in. The chapters were gone and some of the pictures I had inserted were gone again. I tried different strategies. I was wondering if my story was corrupt. I am hoping that is what it is. I then took a day break from this project and came back. This time I thought I am not going to log out of my browser or the app. I did the whole thing again. Typing it the fourth time was annoying. Then, I noticed that I needed to record voice. I did that. Clicked on the download button and thought great, I’ll be done. The download didn’t show the entire project. Many of my pictures in the frames were gone as was my voice that is supposed to record. So, I decided that I would Jing the oral part and then be able to put it out there. However, the story took longer than the 5 minutes. So, I had to do it in 3 sections and thread it together in iMovie. Of course, it took me forever to figure out that when you pull it into iMovie from Event to Project it puts it as crop not fit. UGH! Another hour lost. This is not ideal way to do a project. Finally, I exported it into a .mov and put it into school tube in order to get it into this blog. The idea is great. I am not sure I like the final product due to the lack of using the Web 2.0 application the way it is supposed to be used.

I am hoping that the problems with Myths and Legends will go away. I am wondering many things:
1. If there is a problem, going from tab to tab while using the program?
2. Why saving is a problem? Is it a platform issue?
3. Why when you download it, it doesn’t take all the pieces with it.
4. If the length of the project had an effect on it?

Wishes for this app:
Copy and paste works from a Word document. _–Spell check —-
Pictures are uploaded you don’t need to log out and log in.

This is a good web 2.0 app for small projects which many elementary students would be doing. The graphics are nice and options are abundant. Time will tell on this one.
Here is my attempt…. as soon as School Tube approves it. Hopefully later tonight or by the morning…

So here it is…

Thing 23b – Final Thoughts

As I sit and write my final thoughts about the course, I know I am not done. I am not only trying to finish my story but the exploration of Web 2.0 is continuous. Some technical snafus have arisen in the story and hopefully, I will get it done by Monday. But onward…. this course definitely forced me to look at some things I have put aside such as blogging, diving in to do a digital story and using Google Reader. It also made me look at more tools such as Glogster and try to think of meaningful ways to use these great tools.

I have to say I did feel that things were going way too fast. I definitely didn’t think I read, researched or looked at everything that was offered to me. I do want this next semester to dive more into the articles and read more of them. At times, since I knew a good amount of information I skimmed in order to get through the material. I can’t even imagine how people who had never seen this went through it. I can see why people would drop this. I was constantly behind do to the amount of tasks/stretches we were asked to do.

Personally, I think this course could be broken up into two strands and easily given the same amount of hours in each strand as we had in one. There is a lot of information in this to obtain, process, and analyze. On top of which, we then need to synthesize the information which takes another layer.

All in all this was a great class, I hope that the wiki is not locked out since I do want to go back and look at the items I didn’t get a chance to explore. The class pushed me to explore and do things I state could be done but many times I never had done them. Usually, it was because I never had a reason to do them. This time I had the reason.

I am not sure what my blogging future looks like. I am sure there is something out there. My big pie in the sky is to create a TechTip of the day or week but I am not sure yet. I might have to put this together over the summer.

Catch my next blog for the link or embedding of the story. I am not sure yet since I am having technical difficulties.

Thing 22 – Digital Citizenship

I first took the digital quiz.  I like the format but not sure of how to get a better overall score.  I did this twice.  The first time I took it, the overall was 55%.  The second time was 66%.  The quizzes were 12/15 and 13/15 for post test.  Obviously, some of the questions are UK specific.

Digital Citizenship should be taught at every grade level starting with Kindergarten.  Kindergartners could discuss about using the internet safely.  They need to know what happens if they come to a website that they shouldn’t be on what to do.  In addition, we should start discussing with them proper ways to use the internet.

The new law that states that students K-12 should be getting internet safety in school has helped create awareness to schools.  Now, we need to create a plan to implement this.  We need to give teachers the tools, lessons, links in order to do this in the classroom.  However, before we just create the curriculum we need to provide professional development for teachers so they understand why we need to do it, how to do it and when we should do it. Teachers need to also become Digital Citizens an understand the nine elements of Digital Citizenship that Mike Ribble  points out.  I think it should be part of their “Global Compliance” package.

Many teachers might say they don’t have time to teach Digitial Citizenship in the classroom.  However, when a bullying situation comes into their classroom or another situation steps in don’t they stop to address it?  In the upper grades we teach students how to create Bibliographies, why not discuss copyright in conjuction with these lessons.  I believe we should be proactive with Digital Citizenship not reactive. There are plenty online interactive sites out there.  Brainpop, Hector’s World are just a few places that have lessons to address the issues.

Finally parents should be on board with this.  We need to get on board to help our parents.  We should be creating sessions for afterschool/evening to teach parents what is out there, how we are using it productively and how they can protect their children as well.  I get nervous when parent sessions are only about how to protect children from the bad things since then parents get too nervous and do not want their children online at all.  A balance is necessary.

Here are some great places to go for  links to more Internet Safety/ Digital Citizenship sites.

MrsA – Internet safety

Michelle Russells Delicious Links

ISTE Links

California Region 4

Thing 7b – From the Google Reader

This week as I read through the google reader it is full of the “Best Of” websites, links, ideas and blogs.  Two feeds that caught my attention this week were Being Smart Online, A Video Series and 25 More Educational Games and Game Builders.    The first one being smart online is a series of videos by You Tube as to how to be safe on their site.  These videos would be good for the upper grades.  They are quick and simple.  The second post shares great places to go to for Educational games.  These would be great to use in a computer lab or to be used on the Promethean board as a whole class or as centers.

Thing 18 – Getting a Podcast into a Blog

So GCast is not allowing me to log in.  I think it is now machine specific since my school computer works fine but not my home one.  In addition, I tried it on another person and hers was not working either.  It is very strange. I uploaded into the wiki just as a file.  Here it pops into another window and plays using Quicktime as a mac.  It is very easy to do.  It automatically starts.  The podcast give several ideas as to how we can use podcasts in our classrooms.   Here is the podcast.  PodcastUse

Thing 21 – Learning from others – Social Networking

Social Networking is a great resource for researching, learning and exploring. I have been a member of Classroom 2.0 for a while. This ning was my first one that I signed up to join after the ICE Ning. The ICE ning I joined in order to get the handouts that presenters posted there during and after the conference. Other Nings that I have joined recently were Elementary Tech Teachers Ning, Art Snacks and Projects by Jen. Although it is hard to keep up with all these places, I do go to them for ideas, inspiration and collaboration.

Elementary Tech Teachers gives ideas just for Elementary.  Being in a new position this year, this has helped me explore ideas as to what to do especially with the younger elementary.  Art Snacks gives me inspiration as to what kids do with art and how to use digital resources.  It too has some great ideas for the classroom.  Projects by Jen is a great place to connect and collaborate with other classrooms.  Just recently, they did a holiday exchange.

All in all, nings are another way to connect with people from all over the world in the field of technology and education.