Thing 13 Diigo vs Delicious

I think I have just been converted.  I have been using Delicious for years.  Colleagues of mine kept telling me I should check out Diigo but I always stated the same thing, I am comfortable with Delicious and it works well.  Yes, Delicious is a good site still.  However, with Diigo’s new features and twists, it offers a lot more opportunities.

After exploring both of these bookmarking sites they both have similar features but Diigo starts to move ahead in several factors.  First, the option to look up people in different ways such as their real name, user name or how they tagged something allows for better networking.  I also am very impressed with the idea of lists.  Although, I am still trying to figure out how to implement them, I am excited that this would be a great tool for the classroom use for research and or sharing.  In addition, I have just spent hours trying to figure out the snapshot feature.  I think I will break down and watch a tutorial.  However, I truly like to try to figure things out on my own. It seems to me I am just hitting the surface of Diigo.  Delicious does not seem to have as many bells and whistles.

I have always liked Social Bookmarking.  I wish we could get more teachers to network and therefore share tags.  If you had a set of tags that were standard, you could easily create websites that coincided with curriculum, standards and which time of year they were for.   Social Bookmarking is a great way to collaborate and find some great treasures.

Here are my links to my delicious page and my diigo page.  However, I am not pushing my links from Diigo into my Delicious.  I have a Diigo toolbar set in my Firefox and I bookmark right there.

8 thoughts on “Thing 13 Diigo vs Delicious

  1. I have been using Delicious for about 5 years now. Right now I am using both Delicious and Diigo at the same time. In Diigo there are a few feature that you can not find anywhere. Like having sticky notes, saving not only the link but also the original page, … and as you mentioned lists and more social features. Here is a list which I have made. As you can see there is a lot of flexibility in sorting and also making sub lists. Moreover there is an slideshow!!! for the list too.

  2. Things that make me go hmmmm.
    I did not like diigo because of all the extra stuff. I liked the simplicity and efficiency of delicious. Then I read your post and realized that I’m an idiot. I’ve been thinking about ME FIRST and forgot that this is SOCIAL NETWORKING…the point is how it works and interacts with others. On that point, I agree with you that diigo is a better application for sharing, following and communicating what we’ve found with eachother.

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